What we will publish

At Editorial Les Hores we want to publish works that move us, disturb us, and make us reflect on this strange and inexplicable fact, which is living.

Our aim is to bring more light to the complexity and also the simplicity of this unstoppable passing of time. We are interested in the inner worlds, human relationships, complex realities, unimaginable glances over time…

There will be also a space for works that bring new approaches and opportunities for reflection about women in their different spheres such as individual, social, familiar and professional.

We want to give a voice in Catalan to some of those authors that have never been translated and at the same time let new local voices grow with whom you will enjoy the passing of the hours.

We want to bring closer to the reader an intimate, breath-taking, wild and sensitive fictional work but with a familiar voice. We love writers who fill the hours such as:

Virginia Woolf
Marguerite Yourcenar
David Grossman
Alice Munro

And you,
how do you fill
the hours?

Les Hores team is formed by Maria Sempere (editor) and Manuel Gómez (editor advisor), and several enthusiastic collaborators.